Automate Repetitive Analyses

Create, reuse, edit, and share pipelines as repeatable workflows.

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Convert Exploratory Testing Into a Repeatable Analysis

Workflows allow knitting of multiple tools into a composite pipeline that can be executed as a single tool.

Use Workflows

Galaxy Pro offers a number of high-quality, extensible workflows for primary and secondary analysis, including QC, RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and Variant Analysis.

Create a Workflow

Anyone can create a workflow through a graphical drag-and-drop interface by linking individual tools. Galaxy Pro ensures tool compatibility so you know you're doing it correctly.

Extract a Workflow

If you have already done an analysis interactively, you can Extract a Workflow from your existing History with a single click.

Learn and Reuse

Workflows represent a knowledge base of your team.

Use Sub-Workflows

Sub-Workflows can be embedded into other workflows to avoid having to repeatedly build the same steps.

Easily Share Your Workflows

A workflow can be shared with specific users or published for everyone. You can also download or import an existing workflow to build on it.

Share Knowledge Across the Team

Shared workflows can be extended or adjusted to better match the goals of a new project. They can be used as a training tool to bring new members up to speed faster.