Run an Efficient R&D Lab Environment

Enable researchers and technicians to focus on analyzing their data instead of expending time on software installation and system maintenance.

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Improve the Efficiency of Your Team

Empower your team with the tools they need to focus on and accomplish their work.

Provide Task-specific Tooling

Galaxy Pro offers a versatile toolbox that can be tailored to the analysis needs of a specific lab. Provide your team with the right tool for the job.

Lower Technological Friction

Software is time consuming to install and maintain, particularly research tools. Galaxy Pro offers a validated set of tools that we maintain, allowing your team to focus on using them instead of installing them.

Reduce Risk

Galaxy is an established, world-recognized platform that is being used by tens of thousands of users every month. Adopting it in your lab provides a battle-tested platform that can handle everything from mainstream analyses to lab-specific corner cases.

Increase Robustness, Reproducibility, and Transparency

Galaxy Pro automatically tracks analysis steps, allowing analyses to be more easily reproduced and reports generated.

Galaxy Pro SaaS

Galaxy Pro is available as Software-as-a-Service, meaning we take care of the infrastructure and and day-to-day management tasks to deliver a robust service that is ready to use, day or night.

Stay in Sync

Genomic data analysis is perplexed with tool and parameter selection. Galaxy Pro automatically tracks all of this so repeating an analysis or passing it on to someone else is well-documented.

Ready-to-Use Reports

Each invocation of a pipeline can generate a customizable report with inputs, parameters, and outputs that be exported into a PDF for easy distribution and inspection.

Save an FTE Salary?

Galaxy Pro is intuitive and empowering, allowing researchers to do their own analysis without the technical hurdles, enabling them to do more.

Enable Researchers to Analyze their Data

A researcher seeing the data they generated and having an opportunity to interactively explore it, yields more value from the data. Galaxy Pro enables this.

Share Knowledge

Galaxy Pro can be used as a training tool between researchers, bioinformaticians, and technicians, allowing them each to increasingly perform more tasks with less help.


Galaxy Pro runs in the cloud as a managed service. You do not need a system administrator managing local hardware or installing and maintaining software.