GalaxyWorks Legal Portal

Last updated: June, 2021

Support Policy

Definition of support provided by GalaxyWorks in connection with your use of Services.

This policy outlines GalaxyWorks's support practices and resources.

Obligations under this policy are incorporated by reference into the GalaxyWorks Terms of Service.

Technical Support

We offer several options for technical support. All GalaxyWorks accounts with an active subscription for Services get Basic technical support. We may offer paid upgrade options. The technical support provided by GalaxyWorks support personnel in connection with Your use of the Services is available via email. Any email received outside Support Business Hours will be collected and efforts will be made to respond to Your request per the Target Response Time indicated in the below Severity Level table.

Basic technical GalaxyWorks support includes:

  • Answering questions about GalaxyWorks Services
  • Advice regarding use of the Galaxy Pro Services
  • Resolving any functional errors of the GalaxyWorks Services as a result of nonconformity of with respect to the intended function
  • Limited support of incorporated tools to ensure their proper operation using test data available from the tool or wrapper authors

Basic technical GalaxyWorks support does not include:

  • Developing and debugging your data analysis tasks or workflows
  • Debugging or modifying tools
  • Identifying suitable parameters or options for running available tools
  • Service customizations

Additional help may be available via the Galaxy Project Help, available at

GalaxyWorks will perform the Technical Support only during its Support Business Hours. GalaxyWorks’s support engineers will use reasonable efforts to provide responses to support tickets in accordance with the following severity levels as below.

Severity level Description of Severity Level Target Response Time (within Support Business Hours)
Severity 1 Galaxy Pro services are inaccessible or impacted to the point where desired results are unachievable through critical path workflows or workarounds. 4 hours
Severity 2 Galaxy Pro services are accessible but critical path operations are impacted or degraded requiring workarounds to achieve desired results. 24 hours
Severity 3 Galaxy Pro services are accessible and critical path workflows are operational, however a defect or problem is reported. 3 days

Support Business Hours

Normal GalaxyWorks business hours are weekdays 9am-5pm US Eastern.


We will announce if we intend to discontinue or make backwards incompatible changes to the Services. We will always try to give you as much time as possible to make any necessary modifications to your workflows or processes. This policy does not apply to versions, features, and functionality that we label as "beta" or "experimental".


We may provide documentation for the Services and their use, such as user manuals for the Pro workflows or general features of the Galaxy Pro application. Visit for access to our support and documentation resources.


GalaxyWorks' systems are continuously monitored by human and automated systems. In the event of any issue that adversely affects the performance, security, reliability, or integrity of the Services, we will receive notification and respond as soon as possible.

Limitations to Technical Support

“Eligible Recipients” GalaxyWorks shall have no obligation to provide Technical Support, by any means, to any entity or individual other than You.

“GalaxyWorks Holidays” GalaxyWorks shall have no obligation to provide Technical Support during days designated as US federal holidays or shut down periods.

“Technical Support Exemptions” GalaxyWorks shall have no obligation to provide Technical Support with respect to any Error resulting from (i) use of the Service other than according to the SLA; (ii) modification of the Service by You or any third party, except as expressly permitted in writing by GalaxyWorks; or (iii) any combination or integration of the Service with hardware, software or technology not provided by GalaxyWorks.