Training and Collaboration

Get your team up to speed and in sync on what to do with genomic data.

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Graphical Web Interface Makes It Easy to Learn Tools

Use the power or point-and-click interfaces to explore tools, options, and data.

Easily Explore

Galaxy Pro comes with a large number of tools and each tool comes with help text and sample data. Explore different tools and tool options to see what works best on your data.

Different Tasks, Different Entry Points

Depending on your experience and task needs, choose to run individual tools and tweak tool parameters, or readily execute pre-existing composite workflows.

Faster Onboarding

Accessibility of Galaxy Pro makes it easy for new team members to jump right in to start learning about best practices adopted by the rest of the team.

Share and Publish

Just about every artifact in Galaxy Pro can be shared with specific users or published for better collaboration and transparency.

Document Directly in Galaxy Pro

Document your analysis procedures transparently and be ready to showcase your work. Galaxy Pro automatically tracks steps performed and tool parameters used so you can always recall what you did.

Share Knowledge

Share your analysis history or workflow with a colleague so they can easily learn how you solved a problem. They can extend the work and share it back with you.

Maintain a Single Source of Truth

Galaxy Pro provides ensures all the data and analysis steps are maintained in a single location, so all the team members have access to the same system and tools, avoiding localized discrepancies.

Bridge Role Boundaries

Use the accessibility of Galaxy Pro to avoid team silos.

Empower Your Colleague

As a bioinformatician, start an analysis or do the first pass. Then, allow your biologist colleague to tweak it and tune it using the exact same environment.

Create Annotations and Documentation

Each history can be annotated and workflows can have an invocation report. Detail your thinking there as a form of live documentation.

Get Feedback and Collaborate

Share your procedures with the team to create a two-way street for learning from experience.